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For those seeking a worry-free journey to matrimonial bliss, our Full-Service offering invites you to immerse yourself in an unparalleled hands-off experience.

Curating events tailored to your unique love story. We intentionally limit our full planning clientele each year to ensure we are taking the time to carefully craft your event and that each moment bears a personal touch that resonates with your essence.

From the thoughtful strokes of design to the meticulous dance of budgeting, our seasoned artisans curate an experience that transcends the ordinary.


Entrust us with choreographing timelines, selecting vendors, and seamlessly orchestrating your day.

At Siren Events & Co, Full-Service Wedding Planning is a poetic journey, where a decade of excellence converges with the artistry of forever. Let us be the architects of your cherished moments. 


Your dream celebration awaits, and we are here to weave it into the tapestry of your forever.

*Siren Events clients invest an average of $55,000+ for their wedding, and a starting investment of $6000 for full planning*

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